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BowMet® Rolled Plain Bearings/Bushings

Bowman Bowmet Product Image.jpgThe Biggest Advance In Plain Bearings in over 70 Years

Bowman International Ltd, of the the UK have developed the new BowMet® range of Rolled Plain Bearings/Bushings manufactured in the material ToughMet® Spinodal bronze from Materion.

Bowman has developed a rolling process to produce the BowMet® range which delivers cost savings though efficient manufacturing processes and reduced material wastage when compared to current practices of machining ToughMet® from solid bar or tube to produce bearings.

Compared to existing plain bearings- the properties of BowMet® Rolled Plain Bearings/Bushings properties deliver increased

  • Load Carrying Capacities
  • Heat Resistance
  • Speeds
  • Corrosion Capabilities
  • & Service Life

Due to the load, wear characteristics and higher PV (Pressure Velocity) value, this ToughMet® material is ideally suited for applications such as:

  • Mining Equipment, Tunnel Boring Machines
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Off Road Vehicles
  • Quarrying Equipment
  • Aircraft Landing Gear
  • Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment
  • Heavy Military Vehicles, Tracked Vehicles, Gun Mounts
  • Materials Handling Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Production Applications
  • Racing Engines-Motor Sport
  • Steel Mill Rolls
  • Injection Moulding Machines
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Marine Applications
  • Pulp and Paper Processing & Converting
  • Turbine Bushes for Hydro/Electrical Generation
  • Tree Felling
  • Nuclear Installations
  • Sewage Treatment Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery

BowMet® Rolled Plain Bearings/Bushings are produced in both Plain and Flanged styles with lubrication grooves, holes and pockets. Location slots or tabs can also be incorporated. Half Shells, Thrust Washers and Wear Strips are also available.

Download the Catalogue Here


Bowmet Plain Heavy Duty Bushing Bearings Image CCW.jpgBowman Bowmet Application Range.jpgBowmet Plain Heavy Duty Flanged Bushing Bearings Image CCW.jpg


BowMet® Plain Bearings/Bushings in ToughMet®

What makes ToughMet® so special?


Ultimate Tensile Strength (MPa)

Yield Strength (MPa)

Elongation (%)


ToughMet 3

725 – 1100

630 – 1070

15 - 4

HRC 27 – 36

Produced using a patented casting process, ToughMet® is a spinodal copper nickel tin alloy with comparable mechanical properties to 6-4 Titanium and the low friction properties of leaded bronze.

  • Material CuSn15Ni heat treated to 30 HRC
  • High Strength And Hardness
  • Excellent Load bearing & Wear characteristics
  • Low Coefficient Of Friction
  • High Resilience-Freedom From Galling
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Great Machinability-Can be Welded &Machined.
  • No Environmental Hazards
  • Lead Free
  • Significantly Higher PV Value Than other Bearing Materials
  • Fast Prototyping Available
  • Numerous Bearing Configurations in Standard & Customer Specific Sizes
Bowman Bowmet Resilience Data.jpg
Bowman Bowmet Co-efficient Run In Graph.jpg


Oilite® BearingsBowman oilite group

Oilite® has been acknowledged as the undisputed market leader in self-lubricating bearings for almost 80 years, and today sets the standard for other products with its quality and reliability.

The extensive technical knowledge and manufacturing resources behind Oilite® have resulted in a vast array of sophisticated, high quality components that are supplied to a wide range of industries, throughout the world.

Oilite® conforms to DIN 1850/ISO 2795

Oilite® metric bearings are manufactured to the tolerances set out in ISO 2795 - Plain Bearings from Sintered Material. The German stock range of bearings conform to DIN 1850.

Material Choice

Standard Oilite® oil retaining tin bronze is the generally specified material. It gives a good balance between strength, wear resistance, conformability and durability in operation. Ideal in a wide variety of applications where "self lubricating" properties are required over a long period of time.

Super Oilite® an iron copper material suited to high static loads and slow oscillatory motion.

Iron Oilite® 100% iron oil-retaining bearings provide an ideal solution in high stress low revolution applications.

Custom Machining

Bowman also specialise in machining Oilite® selflubricating bearings and plates to meet individual specifications and tolerances. This service provides, for example, one-off requirements in machine maintenance or limited production runs in the OEM design field or for prototype testing before commiting to tooling. Specialist tools and machining techniques are employed. This maintains the performance characteristics and physical properties which are the prerequisite of these components.

Catalogue & Links for More Information

View the online catalogue here


Bowman`s Complete Plain Bearing/ Bushings Range

Oilite® Bearings


Pick from our vast array of sophisticated, high quality Oilite® and Oilube® components that are supplied to a wide range of industries, throughout the world.

Bowmet® Bearings


Heavy duty wrapped bearings in Toughmet® spinodal bronze. Available from stock on to customers specific design.

Wrapped PTFE Lined

PTFE Lined

Self lubricated plain & flanged bearings & strip. Carbon steel shell with sintered bronze layer filled with PTFE. Available in metric and imperial sizes from stock. Also bronze shell versions can be supplied to order.

Wrapped Acetal Lined

Acetal Lined

Oil or grease lubricated bearings. Carbon steel shell with sintered bronze layer with a co-acetal polymer layer. Available in metric and imperial sizes from stock.

Wrapped Bronze Bearings

Carbon Brushes

Used for heavy load applications. Offered with lubrication pockets, grooves or thru holes.

Wrapped Standard Bearings

Standard Wrapped Bearings

Oil or grease lubricated bearings. Carbon Steel shell with sintered bronze lining. Various metric and imperial sizes available from stock.

Wrapped White
Metal Bearings

Wrapped White Metal

White metal bearings can be manufactured to order in various material grades.

Thermoplastic Bushes

Thermoplastic Bushes

Can be manufactured in many different types of plastic material to suit various applications. Machined for small quantities and moulded for large quantities.


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