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GRW Extreme Precison Corrosive and Harsh Environments

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GRW High Precision Miniature & Turbine Bearings

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Founded by the brothers Eugene and Hugo Reinfurt in 1942 GRW in Germany have been developing and manufacturing high-precision ball bearings for 60 years. GRW manufacture ball bearings with rolling bearing tolerances according to DIN 620, accuracy classes P0 to P2, and AFBMA Standard GRW Head Office Rimpar Germany.pngABEC1 to ABEC9. The production of extreme precision miniature bearings is GRW`s core competence.

GRW specialises in the production of high precision, small, miniature and instrument bearings, as well as spindle bearings. In addition, bearing units (pre-assembled units), and special bearings made to customer requirements and high-precision, rotationally symmetrical turned and ground parts are developed and produced

The Standard range covers ball bearings from 1 to 17mm bore and 3 to 40mm diameter, flanged outer rings, extended inner rings and various types of retainers and shields. In addition to this GRW also manufacture bearing units and special ball bearings based on standard parts in order to minimize development times and hence development costs.

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Extreme Precision Ball Bearings for Extreme Environments & Conditions

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GRW Extreme Precision Bearing Capabilities.

Standard bearings cannot cope with Extreme conditions, GRW are the specialists when it comes to Extreme conditions such as the following.

Heat- Even at blistering temperature up to +450°C GRW`s Extreme Precision Ball Bearings for Extreme Environments & Conditions operate reliably. Equipped with special lubricants and coatings they can even be used in high temperature furnaces, welding systems and turbojets.

Frigid Temperatures- For frigid temperatures down to -270°C special lubricants, coatings as well as as unique bearing materials allow these to operate in these environments. They also exhibit trouble free running in liquid helium.

Chemicals- Destructive forces of acid and alkaline baths are no match for GRW`s special materials. Applications in the chemical industry are as numerous as their unique solutions to solve them.

Salt- Whether surfing or game-fishing, on deep-sea vessels or for offshore applications-GRW`s ball bearing are suited for the challenge. GRW`s Extreme Precsion Ball Bearings for Extreme Environments & Conditions have solutions for fresh and chlorine water applications.

Blood- Blood is an extremely corrosive medium. Even GRW`s smallest and highest precision bearings survive this medium. Whether it be Blood Pumps, Surgical or Dental Handpieces these bearings meet and exceed the highest medical industry requirements.

Sterilisation- During sterilisation of medical and dental instruments ball bearings are subjected to several extreme conditions like cleaning media and heat. With the proper material and our experience we have solve this problem.

Radiation- Whether cosmic radiation or X-ray`s, whether in aeronautics or in the field of medical engineering- by processing special materials and lubricants GRW`s Extreme Precision Ball Bearings for Extreme Environments & Conditions guarantee functionality and reliability for these applications

High Speed- Extreme speeds demand highest precision as well as the tightest tolerances. Applications with speeds up to 500,00 RPM is a standard.

Vibration- High frequent oscillations, vibrations or rocket launch- GRW`s ball bearings also withstand these difficult conditions. Customised bearing solutions guarantee optimised performance and loading capacities.

Vacuum- In aerospace as well as terrestrial applications, the vacuum environment places particularly high demands on bearings. Intelligent solutions with respect to materials and proprietary innovations are elements of GRW`s Extreme Precision Ball Bearings for Extreme Environments & Conditions with cutting edge technology.

GRW Extreme Precision Bearing for Extreme Harsh Corrosive Environments MiniatureGRW Extreme Precision Bearing for Extreme Harsh Corrosive Environments  BloodGRW Extreme Precision Bearing for Extreme Harsh Corrosive Environments SterilisingGRW Extreme Precision Bearing for Extreme Harsh Corrosive Environments Heat Hight TemperaturesGRW Extreme Precision Bearing for Extreme Harsh Corrosive Environments Cold Low TemperaturesGRW Extreme Precision Bearing for Extreme Harsh Corrosive Environments ChemicalsGRW Extreme Precision Bearing for Extreme Harsh Corrosive Environments Fresh Salt WaterGRW Extreme Precision Bearing for Extreme Harsh Corrosive Environments RadiationGRW Extreme Precision Bearing for Extreme Harsh Corrosive Environments VacuumGRW Extreme Precision Bearing for Extreme Harsh Corrosive Environments High Speed

GRW Bearing Range

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GRW Exploded Deep Groove Bearing.jpgRadial Deep Groove Bearings

Single-row deep-groove ball bearings are suitable for use at both low and high speeds. They absorb radial and axial forces.

Single row deep-groove ball bearings consist of

  • An inner and an outer ring
  • A set of balls with cage and (usually) a layer of load-bearing lubricant
  • Optional covers or seals.

Application of a suitable lubricant will extend the service life of these ball bearings. GRW offers a range of over 400 different lubricants (oils and greases) from which we can select, based solely on your needs.

Materials and designs In addition to our chromimum steel,for 100Cr6 bearing rings, we also offer the stainless martensitic anti-friction SS (X65Cr13) and SV (X30CrMoN15-1) roller bearing steels. In our hybrid designs the balls are made of ceramic materials. We offer a standard two-part steel ribbon-type cage. Plastic cages in different materials and designs are also available. Non-slip covers are made of corrosion-resistant sheet steel, reinforced Perbunan (nitrile rubber) or fluorine rubber (FKM). Depending upon the design of the bearing, the sealing discs next to the inner ring are made from Teflon-coated glass fiber fabric, reinforced Perbunan (nitrile rubber) or fluorine rubber (FKM). Over 300 different lubricants can be configured based on application requirements.

Standard range and special formats Our standard version deep-groove ball bearings are classified according to ISO or AFBMA. However, when special tolerances and special versions are required in lieu of a standard version, we can accommodate your specifications.

Spindle/Angular Contact Bearings

GRW Spindle Bearings.jpgGRW spindle ball bearings are characterized by the following properties:

  • Manufacture in grade P4 (or ABEC7) or better
  • Rings generally made of corrosion-resistant SV30 high-grade steel
  • Steel or ceramic balls available for all types
  • Machined solid retainer of fiber-reinforced phenolic resin or special materials, for example for applications involving higher temperatures
  • 15° (C) or 25° (E) contact angle as a standard
  • Optionally, bearings can be paired with three pre-defined preload classes (L, M, S) or individual preload
  • Oil or grease lubrication
  • Open and closed versions available
  • Assembly, lubrication and packaging pursuant to cleanroom grade 10,000

Duplex Bearings in Deep Groove and Angular Contact

GRW Duplex Bearings.jpgDuplex bearings are two matched bearings which provide the following bearing characteristics:

  • accurate bearing positioning in radial and axial directions< from a defined clearance to controlled rigidity.
  • limitation of the yield of the system.
  • higher load capacity compared to a single bearing.

The matching of the bearings is achieved by loading each single bearing with the desired preload and then relieving the inner and/or outer rings until the surfaces of both rings are flush with each other. Two bearings machined in this way are assembled according to their markings and the instruction on the package, and loaded axially with the specified or required force. Depending on the matching used, either the inner rings or the outer rings, or even both rings are clamped together. The ball bearings must be mounted in accordance with the installation instructions on the packaging labels or the marks on the ball bearings.

GRW Extreme Precison Bearings for Extreme Conditions & EnvironmentsGRW Extreme Precision Bearings for Extreme Conditions & EnvironmentsGRW Extreme Precision Bearings for Extreme Conditions & Environments

GRW Specialty Bearings

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GRW not only develops and produces standard and high-precision ball bearings but also all required variants of miniature ball bearings.

GRW Superduplex Bearings.jpg

Superduplex bearings
Double-row deep groove radial bearing or angular contact ball bearing with divided inner or outer ring are called Superduplex bearings. The raceways are on the one-piece ring. This reliably prevents any radial displacement during installation and ensures optimum running characteristics. The divided rings (inner or outer rings) are paired in accordance with customer's wishes. This ensures that GRW bearings have the desired axial preload.

GRW Extraduplex Bearings.jpg

Extraduplex bearings
Extraduplex bearings are double-row deep groove radial bearings or angular contact ball bearings with divided inner or outer ring. The ring is laser-welded under a defined preload. The advantages of this bearing variant are also evident during installation: any radial displacement or variation of the axial preload is reliably excluded.

GRW Tandem Duplex Bearings.jpg

Tandem duplex bearings
In a Tandem Duplex bearing, which is a double-row deep groove radial bearing, the raceways are accurately aligned to each other. These bearings are suitable for taking radial loads and axial loads on one side only.

GRW Bearings With Spherical Outer Ring.jpg

Bearings with modified external design
At customer's request, GRW manufactures single- or double-row bearings with spherical outer ring or groove in the outer ring. Optionally, bearings are available with overmolded synthetic or rubber, or with displaced pitched circle diameter (to optimize the stiffness of the bearings rings in their fit on the shaft or in the housing).

GRW Intergrated shaft Bearings.jpg

Bearings with integrated shaft
Bearing and shaft do not necessarily have to be considered separately: The GRW product range comprises bearings with integrated shaft. The raceway is ground on the shaft. The shaft is delivered fully mounted with ball set, retainer, and outer ring.

GRW Bearings with Housings.jpg

Bearings with housing
For these types, the raceway of the outer ring is ground in the housing. Complex housings with flange and thread keep the tolerances during installation to a minimum.


Applications & Industries

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With over 2,000,000,000 variations, GRW has a solution for your requirements.

Aerospace Technology Bearings

  • Navigation Instruments
  • Electromotor-Operated Control Units
  • Climate Control Systems
  • Air Circulation Systems
  • Pressure Regulation or Measurement & Control Systems
  • Fuel Supply & Cargo Areas of Aircraft & Ground.
  • Antennas & Solar Sail Systems
  • Switching elements of satellites
  • Among other things, our high-precision bearings were used in the drive modules of the NASA Mars expeditions in 1997 and 2003. Unique experiences.

GRW Aerospace Bearings Image.png
GRW Vacuum Bearings Image.png

Vacuum Technology Bearings

  • Turbomolecular Pumps
  • Touchdown Bearings for Magnetic Bearing Applications, CO2 Laser Systems, Liquid Pumps
  • Pumps in the Fore-Vacuum Ranges of Approximately 10-4 mbar
  • High Vacuum Applications

Measurement, Analyis and Flow Control Technology

  • Encoders
  • Linear Measuring Devices
  • Gas Meters
  • Flow Meters
  • Wind Speed & Directional Devices
  • Lasers
  • Scale Bearings
  • Mass Spectrometers & Devices For Measuring Surface Roughness
Measurment Instrumentation Bearings Image.png
GRW Surgical Medical Dental Bearings Image.png

Medical, Dental & Surgical Bearings

  • Autoclavable Lubricants
  • Dental Handpieces-Turbine & Motor Bearings
  • Surgical Drills & Saws
  • Precision Surgical Instruments
  • Blood Pumps & Respirators
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis Units

Drive and industrial engineering

  • Motors, Pumps, Fans, Gears & Machines of all kinds.
  • Electric Motors & Gearboxes
  • Pumps For Gases and Liquid Media
  • Fans For Mainframe Computers & Cooling Systems.
  • Pick-and-Place Machines
  • Multiple Spindle Drilling Heads
  • Automatic Tool Holders
  • Compressed Air Tools
GRW Gears Industrial Bearings Image.png
GRW Model Jet Bearings

Model Aircraft, UAV & Hobby

  • Motor Bearings
  • Rotor Shaft Bearings
  • Instrument-Data Measurement and Recording
  • Camera Gyroscopes
  • Jet Turbine Bearings




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