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Kaydon Beairngs KA120XP0_xplode copy.jpgKaydon Bearings

Kaydon is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom-engineered, performance-critical products, supplying a broad and diverse group of aerospace and defense, medical systems, semiconductor, industrial machinery, heavy equipment, renewable energy, and aftermarket customers.

KAYDON®BEARINGS are designed to optimise space, lower the overall weight of your designs, dramatically reduce friction and provide excellent running accuracy.


Kaydon Engineering Corporation was formed in 1941 when the Navy described A. Harold Frauenthal as "perhaps the only man in the country who has the experience and ability to do this particular job." Frauenthal founded Kaydon—named for his children, Kay and Don—to produce large, 7.5' to 10' precision bearings for naval gun mounts.

Kaydon proceeded to lead the way in a number of innovations with their Reali-Slim® and Ultra-Slim® bearings. Kaydon manufactures the world's lightest, thinnest bearings and largest precise-tolerance bearings.

When Kaydon went public in 1984, the resulting Kaydon Corporation contained the bearings division, now known as Kaydon® Bearings. Regular expansions and acquisitions have resulted in Kaydon Bearings facilities in three states and Mexico.

Today, Kaydon continues to engineer and manufacture bearings that no other company can, and has grown to become the world leader in thin section bearings and the North American leader in slewing ring bearings.

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Kaydon Reali-Slim®Thin-Section Bearings

Kaydon Thinfinite Solutions.jpgAt Kaydon, we apply Thinfinite® engineering experience and expertise to solve the world's most unique bearing challenges. The Kaydon Reali-Slim® inch-standard bearing is one of the most widely used thin section bearings in the world. Kaydon Thinfinite® bearing solutions save weight, create space, reduce friction, increase design flexibility, and provide excellent running accuracy.

Design features
Kaydon Reali-Slim® ball bearings include internal fit up, lubricants, separators, and other features that meet the most demanding specifications. Stainless steel Reali-Slim® or Endura-Slim® series of ball bearings provide exceptional corrosion resistance. Kaydon Endurakote® plating provides corrosion resistance equal to or better than an AISI 440C stainless steel bearing and can be supplied with very quick delivery.

Reali-Slim® ball bearings are available with a Thinfinite® variety of separator options to space the rolling elements uniformly and prevent contact between them. Separator types available include: continuous ring "snap-over pocket," continuous ring circular pocket, formed wire, toroid, PTFE spacers, and ball bearing spacer separators.

Kaydon Reali-Slim® thin section ball bearings range in bore diameters from 1.000 inch to 40.000 inches. The seven series in the Reali-Slim® product line range from .187 x .187 inch to 1.000 x 1.000 inch in cross section. Bearings are available from stock in three configurations: angular contact bearings (Type A), Conrad assembled deep groove radial ball bearings (Type C), and four-point contact radial bearings (Type X).

In many applications, a single Reali-Slim® four-point contact radial ball bearing can replace two bearings, compacting the design and simplifying the bearing mounting while saving money, creating space, and saving weight.


Kaydon Thin Section Bearings B_open.jpg
Reali-Slim® thin section open bearings
The Kaydon Reali-Slim® bearings series is based on a single cross section which remains constant as the bore diameter is increased (in sharp contrast to standard bearings, in which the cross section increases as the bore diameter increases). By using the same series of Reali-Slim® bearings throughout a product line, the designer can standardize on common components.
Kaydon Thin Section Bearings B_sealed.jpg
Reali-Slim® thin section sealed bearings
Kaydon Reali-Slim® sealed bearings offer integral sealed and integral shielded bearings, providing a very compact overall design with the additional advantage of protecting the bearing before, during and after installation.
Kaydon Thin Section Bearings B_Endurakote.jpg
Endurakote®-plated Endura-Slim® bearings
Kaydon's proprietary Endurakote® hard chromium plating protects bearings from corrosion and provides substantial life improvements in hostile environments, achieving the corrosion resistance normally found only in stainless steel bearings, but at a lower cost. This is particularly beneficial for large diameter bearings or where quick delivery is critical.
Kaydon Thin Section Bearings B_stainless.jpg
Reali-Slim® stainless steel thin section bearings
Kaydon stainless steel bearings are used where high precision and corrosion resistance are required. AISI 440C stainless steel Reali-Slim® thin section bearings minimize the surface degradation and particulate formation so common to harsh environment applications.
Kaydon Thin Section Bearings B_metric.jpg
Reali-Slim MM™ thin section metric bearings
Kaydon Reali-Slim MM™ series products provide compact, lightweight designs for applications requiring metric envelope dimensions or dimensional interchangeability with other products.
Kaydon Thin Section Bearings B_metric.jpg
Ultra-Slim® extra thin section bearings
Kaydon Ultra-Slim® extra thin bearings offer Thinfinite® possibilities where precise positioning and lightweight designs are critical. Precision-engineered Ultra-Slim® bearings are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance. These low profile, precision ball bearings are ideal for robotics, inspection equipment, satellites, cameras and similar light and medium duty applications with slow or intermittent rotation.
Kaydon Thin Turntable Bearing
Reali-Slim TT® thin section turntable bearings
Kaydon Reali-Slim TT® series are the first small-scale, thin section turntable bearings available for such demanding applications as robotics, radar antennae, and factory positioning and inspection tables. Kaydon turntable bearings save weight, reduce product design envelope sizes and increase design flexibility.

Kaydon Reali-Slim® Thin-Section Bearing Applications

Kaydon Bearings Turbine WaterKaydon bearings linearaccelerator.jpgKaydon Bearings manufacturing.jpgKaydon bearings gantry.jpg

Kaydon bearings are available in the industry's largest variety of materials, separator options, cross sections, internal fit up choices, lubricants, corrosion resistance options, contact angles, and precision levels. Our Reali-Slim® bearings meet the most demanding specifications in a broad range of applications including:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Astronomy instrumentation
  • Fixturing and workholding equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Glassworking equipment
  • Index and rotary tables
  • Packaging equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Medical systems and medical devices
  • Optical scanning equipment
  • Tire making equipment
  • Radar, satellite and communications equipment
  • Robotics
  • Textile machinery
  • Tube and pipe cutting machines
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Sorting equipment

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Kaydon Slewing Rings and Worm Drive Bearings

Katdon Bearing TT_exploded.jpgSlewing Ring Bearings

Kaydon Slewinfinite® slewing ring bearing solutions are ideal for optimal economy in a given envelope dimension; for heavy-duty applications requiring significant load-carrying capacity; for designs where precise positioning is critical; and for the unique requirements of wind turbines.

Kaydon's slewing ring bearings offer Slewinfinite® solutions for the most demanding specifications in a variety of applications, including:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Heavy equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Medical systems
  • Renewable energy
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment



Worm Drive Bearings

Kaydon Worm DriveMore efficient design saves you money. This compact design saves space and lowers component costs. Hydraulic or electric motors mount directly to the Kaydon worm drive system potentially eliminating additional gear boxes,pinions, or braking systems. And all maintenance can be carried out from outside of the assembly.

Pre-tested and run-in to ensure mesh compatibility Manufacturing and assembling the components that go into our worm drive systems is only the beginning. At Kaydon we offer an important advantage you won’t find anywhere else—thorough pre-testing and run-in of every unit prior to shipment. That means you’ll never have to tear down a newly assembled piece of equipment to repair or replace a worm drive that doesn’t mesh.

Rotation systems sized for a variety of equipment needs- Kaydon offers several sizes,each engineered for ease of installation, superior operating performance, and long life. All units feature a prelubricated sealed turntable bearing and worm with provisions for regreasing, a manually operable hex drive to permit emergency repositioning, and an SAE Type A two-bolt motor mount for a 1" keyed shaft. Single and non enveloping gearing options are available.

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