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Precision Microhydraulics

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Electro Fluidic Systems

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Industrial Microhydraulics

The Lee Company

Is the world`s leading manufacturer of miniature precision fluid control products. The Lee products are used in many industries including aerospace, formula 1, oil exploration, land & sea vehicles, medical and scientific instruments.

With over 60 years experience The Lee Company offers a complete line of fluid control products which are known for their superior quality, reliability and performance.

The Lee company specialise in miniaturisation enabling designers to reduce the size and weight of their products, while at the same time or improving quality and manufacturability

The Lee products are divided into three main catagories-use the links above to find out more.



Precision Microhydraulics

Lee Expansion Plugs copy.jpg

Lee Expansion Plugs-Leak Tight Seal

The Lee Expansion Plugs are the most successful method of of sealing drilled holes with the need for O-Rings, threads or sealants in critical applications.

  • Original Lee Plug-available in short and long versions-Diameters 2.5-8mm/0.093"-0,656".
  • High Strength Lee Plug -specifically designed for high pressure systems and high strength/hardness materials.
  • Lee Plug RFO (Radial Force Only)- designed for thin walls or fragile materials.

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Restrictors copy.jpg

Lee Precision Flow Restrictors

Single and multiple orifice precision flow restrictors for demanding applications such as aerospace, oil tools and race cars. This is the ideal solution for when small size, light weight and reliability is required

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Flow Control Valves.jpg

Lee Flow Control Valves

  • Restrictor Checks-provide metered flow in one direction and no flow in the other.
  • Directional Flow Controls-metered flow in one direction and free flow opposite.
  • Flow Regulators-pressure compensated flow control valves providing constant flow over a large range of differential pressures.

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Nozzles copy.jpg

Lee Nozzles-Atomizing and Targeting

  • Atomizing Nozzles, Lee Spin Jets- use unique vortices and flow passages to deliver a finely atomised 70° hollow cone spray pattern at differential pressures in the 50-200 psi range.
  • Targeting Nozzles, Lee JELA Lubrication Jets-These Jets generate a straight and well defined stream of fluid to a predetermined target at differential pressures of 10-200 psi. These are ideal for directing streams of lubrication at critical bearings and gears & directing fuel to the inside of vaporising tubes in combustion chambers.

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Lee Check Valves copy.jpg

Lee Check Valves

The Lee Company set the standard with their miniature, pretested cartridge check valves-known around the world for their small size, light weight and proven reliability. Four types of miniature check valves.

  • Axial Flow Check Valves
  • Side Exit Check Valves
  • Zero Lead Check Valves
  • Pilot Operated Check Valves

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Lee Pressure Relief copy.jpg

Lee Precision Relief Valves

Designed to be the smallest valves available for safety relieve applications. The smallest being 3/16" diameter by 1/2" long and weighing only 1.5 grams. Seven different types are produces delivering a wide range of cracking pressure and flow rates.

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Lee Shuttle Valve copy.jpg

Lee Shuttle Valves

Miniature 3 port hydraulic valves that allow fluid to flow from one of two onlet sources to a common outlet. Small enough to fit into the head of an actuator offering space and weight saving advantages. Four types available.

  • Spring Biased Shuttle Valves
  • Detented Shuttle Valves
  • Selective Shuttle Valves
  • Inverse Shuttle Valves

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Lee Safey Screens copy.jpg

Safety Screens

Lee offer a wide variety of safety screens to protect critical fluid control components from rogue contamination. Two types are available.

  • Etched Screens
  • Drilled Hi Bar Screens

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Lee Solenoid Valves copy.jpg

Lee Miniature Piloting Solenoid Valves

These miniature piloting solenoid valves combine space and with saving advantages with superior performance and reliability.

  • Single Coil Solenoid Valves- 2 position, 3-way normally closed & open for 3, 4 and 5,000 psi systems
  • Dual Coil Solenoid Valves- 2 position, 3-way normally closed & open for 3, 4 and 5,000 psi systems
  • High Flow Solenoid Valves- 2 position, 2 and 3-way normally closed and open for 3,000 psi systems
  • 250 Series Solenoid Valves- 2 position, 3-way normally open and closed for 3,000 psi systems. Optimized for 12 Vdc applications
  • CB Solenoid Valves- 2 position, 3-way normally closed, economical cartridge bobbin coil for 3,000 psi systems.

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Lee Line Mounts copy.jpg

Line Mounts

Many of Lee`s precision components are offered in already installed in flared, flareless or dynamic beam seal unions. Also available is a range of higher pressured restrictors, valves and safety screens built directly into ring locked adaptors. This allows designers to take advantage of the unused space in the adaptors to reduce the size and weight of manifolds.

  • Unions-Specially designed to accept most Lee Inserts.
  • Ring Locked Adaptors

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Lee Pressure Components copy.jpg

Lee Pressure Components

Lee Company offers two types of pressure snubbing devices and a mechanical peak pressure recorder.

  • Lee Micro Damp-miniature fixed restrictor provides pressure protection for pressure transmitters, switched and gauges.
  • Lee Hydamp-adjustable, multifunctions pressure snubbing device which allows the user to read max, min or average pressure form an ordinary gauge without the need for transducers.
  • Lee Kipster Peak Recorder-mechanical peak pressure recorder that permanently records peak pressure in a hydraulic system.

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Electro-Fluidic Systems

Solenoid Valves copy.jpg

Solenoid Valves

  • Control Valves-2 and 3 way solenoid valves for the control of liquids and Gasses (In contact with metal valve components)
  • Dispensing Valves-2 way high speed valves for dispensing small amount of fluids.
  • Isolation Valves- 2 and 2 way valves where the fluid or gas is separated from the mated components of the valve-usually for more aggressive liquids

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Pumps copy.jpg

Dispensing Pumps

  • Fixed Volume-the LPL series are solenoid operated, fixed volume pumps.
  • Variable Volume-the LPV series are stepper motor driven, variable volume pumps

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Manifolds copy.jpg

Manifold Technology

  • Conventional Manifold-for minimal straight forward valve count
  • Multi Layered Manifold Technique-more complex systems with higher valve counts.
  • Ant Farm Manifold Technique-highly complex and intricate flow paths
  • Combination Manifold Technique-combine several discrete components into a single unite
  • Injection manifold Technique-minimises fluid between the valve seat and the flow stream.

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Nozzles copy.jpg

Ministac-Miniature Inert System of Tubing & Components

The Lee company`s miniature inert system of tubing and components delivers the ability to precisely control flow rate, pressure, filtration and other performance factors of aggressive fluids.

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Nozzles copy.jpg


Wide range of nozzles for delivering either a precise droplet or atomized fluid.

  • Dispensing Nozzles
  • Atomising Nozzles

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Special Products

IEP copy.jpg
120 series copy.jpg

Visco Mixers copy.jpg

OVR Drive copy.jpg

LSP Series copy.jpg

IEP Series-2 Way Axial Flow for high pressure/temperature applications

120 Series-2 way inline latching solenoid valves for air piloting applications Visco static mixers for HPLC & other high pressure applications OV`R electric drivers used to enhance response times to reduce power consumptions LSP series-2 way, normally closed, high flow solenoid valves for applications require particle tolerant flow path

Industrial Microhydraulics

Check Valves copy.jpg

Check Valves

These check valves are available for installation into both metal configuration-the internal configuration remains the same but the installation method is different.

For Metals

  • Forward & Reverse Flow directions in axial and side exit styles.
  • Compatible with hydraulic & brake fluids, fuels and oils.
  • Available with integral safety screen

For Plastics

  • Check valves for plastics feature a simple-press in installation.
  • Available in 2.5, 5 & 8mm diameters with some models feature a ceramic ball

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Pressure Relief copy.jpg

Pressure Relief Valves

Designed to protect systems form over pressurisation or to lessen pressure spikes, these pressure relief valves are available for installation into both metal configuration-the internal configuration remains the same but the installation method is different. They are not suited for upstream pressure regulation.

For Metals

  • Forward & Reverse Flow directions in two sizes 5.5 & 8.0mm

For Plastics

  • Simple-press in installation.
  • Available in 2.5, 5 & 8mm diameters with corresponding flow capabilities
  • Some models available with ceramic ball as standard

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Precision Orifices

Precision Orifices

  • Economical
  • Reliable
  • High Accuracy
  • Available for both metal and plastic installation
  • 100% flow tested, +/- 5% nominal flow rate as standard
  • Forward & reverse flow directions in gas and liquid versions

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Restrictor Checks copy.jpg

Restrictor Check Valves

Models for both metal and plastic installation-functionally this is an orrifce in series with a check valve

  • Combine hydraulic functions-Simplifies the manifold
  • Accurate flow-Eliminate expensive alternative components
  • 100% flow Tested-eliminates rework, consistent batch to batch performance.
  • Press in design (for plastic installation)

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Flow Controls copy.jpg

Flow Control Valves

Models for both metal and plastic installation-functionally an orifice in parallel with a check valve in parallel with a check valve in a compact cartidge-style package.

  • Combine hydraulic functions-Simplifies the manifold
  • Accurate flow-Eliminate expensive alternative components
  • 100% flow Tested-Eliminates rework, consistent batch to batch performance.
  • Press in design (for plastic installation)

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Shuttle Valves copy.jpg

Shuttle Valves

Solves the problem of hydraulic isolation in Manifolds and its compact, non-dented, selective design is ideal as a signal for auxiliary functions.

  • Available in two sizes-5.5mm diameter 2.5 GPM model, and an 8.0mm diameter 6 GPM version
  • Smallest in their class
  • High reliability, drip-tight leakage
  • 100% factory tested for flow and leakage-consistent, long term performance

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Safety Screens copy.jpg

Hydraulic Safety Screens

Hydraulic `last chance` safety screens designed to protect critical fluid control components from rogue contamination. Models for both metal and plastic installation

  • Proprietary Bonded Mesh Construction – Superior Integrity and Life
  • Easy Installation – No Threads Required
  • Multiple Sizes Available – Design Flexibility

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Beta Plugs copy.jpg

Lee Betaplug Expansion Plugs

A pre assembled, on piece, tapered expansion plug engineered to seal fluid passages in meatal castings and plastic housing leak tight without the need for threads or sealants. The Controlled expansion on installation allows the lands and grooves on the plug body to bite into the housing wall crating a leak-tight seal and assuring retention. The tapered design eliminates the need for tight manufacturing tolerances and also allows the for a minimised wall thickness around the plug, even in brittle housing materials.

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For Plastic Fittings copy.jpg

Lee Products In Plastic Fittings

Designed for both liquid and gas Lee`s highly accurate Orifice pre installed into a male to female leur adaptor with integral safety screen. These are ideal for medical application with the orifice & screen made form 300 series stainless steel and fitting made of medical grade polypropylene.

Also available is a series of leur Tee fittings with a relief valve in the branch of the Tee. These are particularly useful for syringe driven systems where a maximum force is required.

  • Preassembled-ready to use
  • Numerous configurations
  • Integral safety screens
  • 100% factory tested-reliability and consistency

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