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Merobel-Tension Control EMP Brakes, Clutches & Controllers

MEROBEL is a well known solutions supplier for Converting, Printing, Packaging Industries, as well as for Automation / Material Handling, Wire and Cable, and Test rigs.

MEROBEL offers a wide range of products and machinery: high technology components such as EMP (ElectroMagnetic Particles) Brakes & Clutches, Web tension Digital Controllers and Electronics, various sensors and transducers.

In addition, MEROBEL’s years of experience allows it to meet customer’s particular needs and to offer tailored solutions.

Printing - Converting

  • Tension Control
  • Registration Control
  • Right Angle Drives Redex Andantex
  • Intermediate Tension Control


  • Pre-Stretch Tension control
  • Speed and Torque Distribution

Test stands

  • Precise Simulation of Variable Torque
  • Speed Increaser


  • Tension Control
  • Main Speed Adjustment
  • Pulling Caterpillar
  • Differential Speed Adjustment
Merobel Company ImageMerobel Redex Andantex About Tab

EMP (Electro Magnetic Particle) Brakes & Clutches Principles


The EMP powder reacts to the variation of a magnetic field generated by a coil. Varying the powder's "viscosity" leads to the control of the torque transmission between the primary and the secondary rotors. When the secondary rotor is fixed to the equipment frame, the device is acting as a brake. When the secondary rotor is free to rotate, the device is acting as a clutch.


The torque is proportional to the electric current
The torque is independent of slip speed

  • Reliable, stable torque without chock nor noise
  • Low residual torque
  • Continuous slip
  • Bi-directional rotation
  • Low wear, long life-reduced maintenance
  • Thermal dissipation increased by the installation of cooling fins (radiator)
  • Dust free
  • Fast response time
  • Low electric power control
  • Easy remote control
  • Linear smooth, silent
  • Easy to integrate in any type of system


Merobel EMP Charts
Merobel EMP Brake

EMP Brakes TS (Through Shaft)

The most popular range of MEROBEL's EMP Brakes, offering tailored solutions for every needs from its 10 sizes and up to 5 different version (acceptable power dissipation level) for each size.

Especially designed to be easily fitted on equipments such as Converting, Printing, Wire & cable, and Packaging machines.

Cost effective solution for variable torque simulation systems (automotive and aeronautics test rigs).

Torque [Nm] Size Rated Power [W]
2 20 Data Sheet 40 60        
5 50 Data Sheet 70 100        
12 120 Data Sheet 65 130   650 120  
35 350 Data Sheet 100 200 500 1000 700  
65 650 Data Sheet 125 250 700 1300 1000  
120 1200 Data Sheet 275 550 1300 1900    
200 2002 Data Sheet 400 750 1500 2000 2100  
350 3500 Data Sheet 500 900   2500    
500 5001 Data Sheet 1100 2200   5200 3500 7000
1000 10001 Data Sheet 2000 4000   9300 6500 12000
Merobel EMP Brake OS

EMP Brakes OS (Output Shaft)

Compact and very easy to use for applying a variable torque to a rotational system, such as a bobbin directly fixed to the shaft, or a small motorized device to be loaded during a test.

MEROBEL's EMP-PT series are mostly dedicated to industrial applications such as wire and cable tension control systems, narrow ribbon unwinding processes, small devices automatic test rigs, and more…

Torque [Nm] Size Rated Power [W]
0.2 2 Data Sheet 15 25
2 21 Data Sheet 35 60
5 50 Data Sheet 50 85

Merobel EMP Brake 2002Merobel EMP Brake 3500Merobel EMP Brake 10001
Merobel Clutch Image

EMP Clutches

MEROBEL's EMP-SC series are mostly dedicated to the applications where slipping speed and slipping torque needs to be controlled in an independent way.
Built from the addition of slip ring and brushes to the EMP-TC brakes, this range of devices is offering two different power dissipation levels for each size (without or with cooling fins).

Torque [Nm] Size Rated Power [W]
2 20 Data Sheet 125 180
5 50 Data Sheet 165 360
12 120 Data Sheet 220 900
35 350 Data Sheet 340 1300
65 650 Data Sheet 500 1700
120 1200 Data Sheet 1000 2000
200 2002 Data Sheet 1200 2500
350 3500 Data Sheet 1500 3000
500 5001 Data Sheet 2000 3800
1000 10001 Data Sheet 2800 5400
Merobel Brushless Clutch

Brusheless Clutches

The fixed coil special design is offering a very easy mechanical integration.
These devices are particularly recommended when independent torque and speed have to be accurately managed at the same time.

Torque [Nm] Size Rated Power [W]
0.2 2 Data Sheet 12
1 10 Data Sheet 20
1.7 17 Data Sheet 30
5 50 Data Sheet 50
Merobel EMP Clutch EAT 20Merobel EMP Clutch EAT 2002Merobel EMP Clutch EAT 10001
Merobel Torque Limiter LC0 LC1 LC3

Torque Limiters

Easy to integrate into any type of system, achieving fast response time, very reproducible slipping torque level, smooth and silent operation, low wear and long life with no maintenance.

Torque [Nm] Size Rated Power [W]
0.06 0 Data Sheet 8
0.15 1 Data Sheet 8
0.3 3 Data Sheet 8
1 10 Data Sheet 25
2 20 Data Sheet 25
6 50 Data Sheet 75
12 100 Data Sheet 75
15 150 Data Sheet 500
40 300 Data Sheet 500
65 500 Data Sheet 500
85 700 Data Sheet 500
Merobel Torque Limiter LC0 LC1 LC3 large SizeMerobel Torque Limiter lg sizeMerobel Torque Limiter LC150 LC300 LC500

Digital Controllers, Power Supply & Load Cell Amplifier

DGT 300

With MEROBEL’s new DGT300, Web Tension Control has never been so easy to manage.
The newest Digital Controller from MEROBEL combines, in a smart and low profile front face enclosure, the most simple user’s interface with the most advanced technical features.
Designed for both closed loop and open loop tension control, the DGT300 is the up-to-date turnkey solution for unwinding, rewinding and intermediate tension control applications.
Allowing 100% setting up through its user’s friendly Windows PC interface, or through its front panel keyboard, the DGT300 includes all the requested web tension control specific functions : E-stop, soft start, hold & release, taper tension, no-stop splice turrets. Analog set point input is also available for using distant remote control with PLC analog output or potentiometer.
Allowing direct input of position sensors, US sensors, or any kind of load cells technology signals, the DGT300 design gives the benefit of fully digital calibration procedure as simple as 1-2-3 (no switch, strap, or resistance).


  • Advanced regulation capabilities
  • Automatic P.I.D. parameters variation function
  • Closed loop + Open loop mode
  • Inertia compensation control
  • Smooth starting up with programmable slope
  • E-stop torque proportional to the set point
  • Adjustable Taper function available
  • No-stop web turrets management function
  • Five complete built-in memories
  • Motors & Drives specific settings available



Merobel DGT300




The X-block has been designed to meet the demand for easy wiring, easy start-up, and to answer the need of compactness for cabinet backplane installation. These criteria are the most essential features for the integrators designing multiple wire and cable pay off equipments.
Its narrow profile and its rear-panel DIN rail mounting clip allow up to six units to be installed side-by-side in a width of 300 mm. The connectors are located on the front panel for easy access to the units installed on the cabinet backplane when cabling.
The electronic board provides very comprehensive functions, built around a dedicated PID controller. With its many professional integrated functions, it meets all the specific needs of tension control systems. It also includes a digitally fully-configurable sensor amplification module, enabling plug-and-play settings for all types of load cells currently available on the market. In addition, the same amplification module allows direct calibration of position measurement potentiometers (used for dancer roller systems) or distance measurement sensors (ultrasonic or laser). Moreover, a built-in power supply function allows direct control from many types of electromagnetic actuators without any need of external powering modules, including of course the entire range of EMP brakes and clutches supplied by MEROBEL.
To make it short, using MEROBEL X-block simply eliminates the need of external wirings linked up to all the usual components of tension control systems between the sensor and the actuator.

Merobel X-block


Closed loop controlled current Power Supply included in a very compact enclosure with integrated DIN rail fixing system. Current regulation based on microcontroller technology, offering accurate current output control, high level of protection against transients (short circuits & circuits opening), and very easy setting-up.


  • Remote control via potentiometer or analog voltage 0 to 10 V.
  • Freewheel and Blocking modes managed from external contacts or analog voltages.
  • Selected modes status shown by front face Leds.
  • Real time current equivalent voltage output available.
  • Plug-in connectors
  • CE-CEM compatible

Data Sheet

Merobel Powerblock2

Load Cell Amplifier

AmpliBlock, the new universal precision signal amplifier is designed for the use of one or two cells, either half or full bridge.M


  • It offers very easy setting up, two analog outputs (one with adjustable filter)
  • Easy external display calibration
  • Compact design
  • Plug-in connector
  • E.M.C requirement compatibility


Merobel Ampliblock Load Cell Amplifier


Load Cells

CZ Series: Overview

Load cells design especially dedicated to the needs of Printing, Converting, and Packaging machinery. Easy to fit, ultra compact, and nevertheless compatible with both rotating and dead shaft applications, this design combines high accuracy and high strength, in order to guarantee long life together with accurate measurement.


Repeatability : + / - 0.2 % Hysteresis + Non linearity : + / - 0.5% Supply voltage : 5 to 10V Half-bridge resistance : 440 – 480 Ohms CZ 45 Max. working force : 450 N Ultimate overload rating : 4500 N CZ 100 Max. working force : 1100 N Ultimate overload rating : 11000 N

Merobel CZ Load Cell

CI Series: Overview

Load cells design especially dedicated to the needs of Printing, Converting, and Packaging machinery. Dedicated to dead shaft applications, this design combines easy mounting, high accuracy and high strength, in order to guarantee long life together with accurate measurement.


Repeatability : + / - 0.5 % Hysteresis + Non linearity : + / - 0.2% Supply voltage : 5 to 10V Half-bridge resistance : 440 – 480 Ohms CI 45 Max. working force : 450 N Ultimate overload rating : 1300 N CI 100 Max. working force : 1100 N Ultimate overload rating : 3000 N

Merobel CI Load Cell.jpg

CI-PF Series: Overview

Load cells design especially dedicated to the needs of Narrow web Printing, Finishing, and Packaging machinery. Dedicated to cantilever mounting applications, this design offers high strength and high accuracy, and allows the use of any kind of customized rolls, as soon as the length stays compatible with the max. applied load.


Repeatability : + / - 0.5 % Hysteresis + Non linearity : + / - 0.2% Supply voltage : 5 to 10V Half-bridge resistance : 440 – 480 Ohms CI-PF 04 Max. working force : 40 N Ultimate overload rating : 120 N CI-PF 20 Max. working force : 200 N Ultimate overload rating : 600 N CI-PF 45 Max. working force : 450 N Ultimate overload rating : 1300 N

Merobel CI PF Load Cell

CY Series: Overview

The CY series are offered as a true cost effective solution for Test rigs design. By the combination of each size's large torque range, and the length of the reaction arm (usually fixed to the brake’s frame), this solution allows to easily optimize the measurement system accuracy when acting as a torque sensor. This solution is usually used to get the real time applied torque feedback, when the system accuracy and/or the needed response time make obvious to build a closed loop control.


Accuracy : + / - 0.5 % Supply voltage : 10V CY 1 Max. working Force : 10 N Non-destructive overload rating : 100 N Mechanical protection against overload : ultimate rating up to 1000 % of the max. working force CY 10 Max. working Force : 100 N Non-destructive overload rating : 150 N CY 50 Max. working Force : 500 N Non-destructive overload rating : 7500 N CY 100 Max. working Force : 1000 N Non-destructive overload rating : 1500 N

Merobel CY Load Cell

Ultrasonic Diameter Sensor


By measuring the distance from a fixed UltraSonic sensor to the rotating web, a Digital Controller (i.e. MEROBEL’s DGT 300) is easily able to calculate anytime the actual web diameter. The knowledge of real time web diameter variation gives then the opportunity to make the torque applied to web shaft variable, and then to keep the tension stable, despite of the web diameter variation all along the unwinding or rewinding process.


- Ultra compact - Easy to install on any existing equipment - Easy calibration - Compatible with almost all existing type of papers, films, foils and wires (take up flyers) - CE- CEM compatible NR7 Working zone 100 to 1000 mm Minimum target width : 100 mm Emission freq. : 240 Hz NR 2C Working zone 400 to 2500 mm Detection angle : 10 ° Emission freq. : 120 Hz

Merobel Diameter Sensor.jpg

Positional Sensor for Dancer Arm

In association with a PID regulation board, or with a “DANCER” complete cabinet, this potentiometer is used as the position sensor for a close loop dancer control

Merobel Position Sensor

Torque Sensor

TRS Series: Overview

Static Torque sensors especially designed to be used together with MEROBEL EMP Brakes inside Test Benches. Easy to install between the brake and the Test rig’s frame, the torque sensor is usually in charge of the real time applied torque feedback, when the system accuracy and/or the needed response time make obvious to build a closed loop control.


Accuracy : + / - 0.5 % Supply voltage : 5 to 10V Half-bridge resistance : 440 – 480 Ohms TRS 50 Max. working torque : 50 Nm Ultimate overload rating : 75 Nm TRS 100 Max. working torque : 100 Nm Ultimate overload rating : 150 Nm TRS 200 Max. working torque : 200 Nm Ultimate overload rating : 300 Nm

Merobel Torque Sensor

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