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Airpot Corporation

Airpot Corporation are the world's leading manufacturer of ultra low friction, super-responsive pneumatic piston and cylinder motion dampers and actuators. Airpot`s unique seal-less construction and combination of materials allow unsurpassed longevity, high cycle rates without lubricants, smooth operation at extreme temperatures and instrument quality performance for low to medium force and energy levels.

Common Applications

  • Semiconductor & IC processing equipment
  • Web/wire/filament tension controls
  • Test & measurement instruments automated medical analysers
  • Dispensing & vending machines
  • High capacity mail & cash handling equipment
  • Customised uses for our pistons & cylinders
Airpot Snubber Airpot Piston CylinderAirpot Dashpot

Product Family

Airpot Corporation manufactures instrument quality, precision air dashpots, snubbers, pneumatic actuators, and Airpel Anti-Stiction Air Cylinders. All of their devices are built using a graphite piston / borosilicate glass cylinder combination in which each piston is selectively matched to fit the cylinder with extremely close tolerances. (These are also sold as piston/cylinder sets).

Airpot Dashpot Airpot Airpel Airpot Airpel A-B Air Bearing Airpot Pneumatic Acutator Airpot Snubber Airpot Piston Cylinder Sets


Air Cylinders

Air Bearings



Piston/Cylinder Sets

Airpot products offer the following benefits over other pneumatic piston /cylinder based motion control devices:

  • They have unparalleled low friction, responding to forces as low as only a few grams and pressures less than 0.2 psi.

  • Starting and running friction are almost identical, preventing jerky, uncontrolled starts and providing uniform smoothness throughout the full stroke of the device.
  • They are unaffected by extreme temperature variations
  • They run clean and do not contaminate surrounding components.
  • No seals are required, and there are no liquids to leak.
  • They are made of self-lubricating materials.
  • They can withstand exceedingly high cycle rates. They do not heat up or change viscosity under conditions of rapid and/or continuous cycling
  • They have a life-span of multi-millions of cycles. They will commonly outlast the machines in which they are used.
  • The piston and cylinder will not rust, corrode, or deteriorate over time, even with little or no use over extended intervals.
  • They are precise and accurate
  • They can be customized easily to suit special space, mounting, and performance requirements

Application Examples

Velocity Control of Solenoids

Velocity of Control Spring Loaded

Velocity Control of Falling Mass

Airpot Velocity Control Solenoids Airpot Dashpot Velocity Control Spring Loaded Mechanisms Airpot Dashpot Velocity Control Falling Mass

Creating Time Delay

Oscillating Valve Damping

Limiting Overacting

Airpot Dashpot Time Delay Airpot Oscillating Damping Airpot Limit Overaction

Vibration Damping

Cushioning Impact

Airpot Vibration Damping Airpot Snubber Cushion Impact  

Product Demonstration Videos

Customer Projects

Stirling engine driving a fan built by Robert Sheehy

Thank you Robert for providing the footage.

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