Kaydon bearings Real-Slim Turntable Worm and Wheel

Thin Section Bearings


KAYDON® BEARINGS, world leader in the manufacture of thin section bearings. KAYDON also offers light- to medium-duty and heavy-duty turntable bearings, small bore turntable bearings, plus our full line of REALI-SLIM® Thin Section Bearings that include turntable bearings or custom bearings.

KAYDON®BEARINGS are designed to optimise space, lower the overall weight of your designs, dramatically reduce friction and provide excellent running accuracy.

REALI-SLIM® bearings

Integrated Worm Drive
Kaydon Worm & Wheel Drives

ULTRA-SLIM® bearings

Compact Precision Turntable Bearings

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Common applications:

Aircraft and Aerospace
Food Processing
Industrial Robots
Textile Machinery
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Medical Equipment
Index and Rotary Tables
Radar, Satellite and Communications Equipment
Paper Making Equipment
Machine Tools

KAYDON® Catalogues

REALI-SLIM® Bearing Catalogue 300 (pdf 11mb)

Kaydon Slewing Ring Catalogue 390 (pdf 7mb)


Not all thin-section bearings are created equal

Kaydon bearings in robotic arm of Phoenix Mars Lander




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