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Carr Lane Manufacturing

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Carr Lane Manufacturing

`Your Source For Tooling Components`

Starting from humble beginnings in an old wooden garage in 1952 Carr Lane Manufacturing has grown to become a world leader for tooling components and is used by virtually every industry sector around the world.

Carr Lane Manufacturing is known primarily for their jig & fixture components however they offer more than 100,000 products, however Carr Lane Manufacturing also has the capability to design & manufacture customised tooling components to your specifications.

Carr Lane Manufacturing is proud to be a woman-owned small business.


  • Alignment Pins
  • Hoist Rings
  • Handles/Knobs/Screw Clamps
  • Spring Loaded Devices
  • Supports/Rests/Feet
  • Locators
  • Clamps & Accessories
  • Threaded Inserts
  • Jig & Fixture Bases
  • Modular Fixturing
  • Toggle Clamps
  • Drill Jig Bushings
  • Power Workholding

Carr Lane Manufacturing Products

Threaded Inserts

Carr Lane Key Inserts are the perfect product for thread reinforcement in applications where the mating stud or bolt will be frequently removed. The key locking threaded insterts provide a strong, permanent steel thread in a weaker material be it ferrous, non-ferrous or non metallic. Carr Lane Key threaded Inserts are also the ideal solution for a quick, strong and permanent repair of stripped, damaged or worn threads. Also available as a solid version-this threaded insert can be used as a plug to relocate holes drill or tapped in the wrong location.

Installation is easily achieved with standard drills and taps, locking keys are driven down into the parent material providing a positive mechanical lock against rotation. Removal is and easy process and information can be found in the Carr Lane catalogue or by contacting CGB for more information.

Key Inserts-Heavy Duty

This range of Carr Lane Heavy Duty Key Inserts are general-purpose threaded inserts, suitable for most applications, featuring a thick heavy duty thread wall. The range is available in Inch (#10-24 - 1-1/2"-12)and Metric (M5 - M24 x 2) versions, 12L15 Steel & 303 stainless steel.

Contact CGB for more information on sizing

Heavy Duty Key Inserts.jpg

Key Inserts - Thinwall

The thinwall range of threaded inserts from Carr Lane feature smaller outside diameters when compared to the heavy duty range above. They are ideal for tight spaces where a compromise on pull out strength is acceptable. The range is available in Inch (#10-24 - 1/2"-13)and Metric (M5 - M12 x 1.25) versions, 12L15 Steel & 303 stainless steel.

Contact CGB for more information on sizing

Thinwall Key Inserts.jpg

Solid Key Inserts

Carr Lane Solid Key Inserts are the ideal solution for relocating a drilled or tapped hole. The threaded plug is quick to install and the locking keys positively prevent the insert from any rotation. Inch sizes range from 5/16-18 to 1-3/8"-12 in 12LI5 and 303 Stainless Steel, metric range from M8-M30x2 in 12L15 steel only

Contact CGB for more information on sizing

Solid Key Inserts.jpg

Key Insert Installation Tools

The Key Insert Installation Tool makes easy work of installing the Key Inserts. The tool serves s a wrench to quickly thread the insert into the tapped hole and as an impact tool for driving the locking keys. It ensures that the locking keys are installed perfectly and are fully recessed and the Key Insert Installation Tool is available in a wide range of sizes to fill all Key Inserts.

Contact CGB for more information on sizing

Key Insert Installation Tools.jpg

Key Insert Assortments

With a Key Insert Assortment Kit from Carr Lane you will always have the right key insert and installation tool on hand for thread repairs. The kit comes in a durable case with a large range of insert sizes and installation tool for each size. This is the perfect starter kit giving everything you need and can be refilled with individual inserts as required.

Contact CGB for more information on sizing

Key Insert Assortment Kits.jpg

Cast Inserts

The Carr Lane range of cast inserts are mode from heavy-duty ductile iron in your choice of 7/8-9 or 1"-8 thread sizes.

Contact CGB for more information on sizing

Cast Inserts.jpg

Alignment Pins

Carr Lane is the best source for alignment Pins and Bushings, with a wide selection of quality USA manufactured accurate and efficient alignment pins you can be sure that Carr Lane has an alignment Pin to suit your application.

Carr Lane Alignment Pins

Carr Lane Ball Lock & DetentPins

Ball Lock & Detent Pins are quick-release alignment pins with spring-loaded locking balls.
Carr Lane ball pins are high quality, USA manufactured and most are readily available off the shelf.
Carr Lane offer a wide range of ball pins to suit your applications.

  • Stainless Steel for Marine
  • Pins with Threaded Ends
  • Precision and Economy
  • Adjustable
  • Double Acting
  • Lifting Pins
  • Heavy Duty Pins
  •  L, T, Button & Ring Handle types (Ball Lock)

Ball Lock Vs Detent?

Ball Lock Pins are positive locking until released by pushing the button, which moves the center spindle forward to allow the locking balls to retract (double-acting version releases by pushing or pulling).

Detent Pins have locking balls held in place by spring force (not positive locking like a Ball Lock Pin). Simply push Carr Lane Detent Pins to insert, and pull to remove.

Carr Lane Detent and Ball Lock Pins

Contact CGB for more information

Carr Lane Locators

Carr Lane are the industry leader for locating pins, tooling balls and fixture keys. Made in the USA, Carr Lane locating pins are available in a large range of configurations including round, diamond, press-fit, lock-screw, floating, bullet nose and cone.

Locator Pins

Carr Lane precision locating pins can be used to locate a work-piece on a fixture as well as to align two pieces on a fixture. Using a pine with a round end and diamond end allows the location of two holes without binding as the diamond pin is relieved to locate in only 1 axis.

Locating Pins

Construction Balls

Carr Lane precision construction balls are used as a reference point for critical inspection, layout and machining operations. Use the shoulder type to locate the ball in three dimensions. The adjustable style has no shoulder and can set to any height before locking in with a set screw. Construction pads also available for construction ball mounting.

Carr Lane Construction Balls

Carr Lane Construciton Balls Stainless Sreel

Fixture Keys

Carr Lane fixture keys are used to locate fixtures, vises and other work holders for machine tools. Carr Lane fixture keys are designed to work with Carr Lane tooling plates and are offered in a variety of types including step fixture keys, sure-lock fixture keys, pallet fixture keys, reamed hole fixture keys & mill fixture keys.


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