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The GramForce® GripperAirpot gramforce gripper_group.jpg

Airpot has released the sleek new GramForce® gripper where you'll find all the features of Airpot's family of Accurate Force Pneumatic products and more. The GramForce® gripper is perfect where the parts you need to work with are exceedingly fragile, soft, delicate, or sensitive. With the GramForce® gripper they can be accurately and safely grasped, held, or positioned with this clever gripper. It's ideal for precision assembly equipment, test and measurement devices, robotic arm end-effectors, small parts handling, and the most delicate of machining operations. The GramForce® gripper is powerfully tough on the inside but with a grip as gentle as the flutter of a butterflys wings. Its stainless steel mounting blocks accommodate finger lengths up to 75 mm. And combined with its synchronous and parallel design, it is counterbalanced to provide unchanging gripping force in any mounting orientation.



Minute friction levels More air efficiency & smoother operation
Accuracy Less product waste and
Wide operating temperature range More application flexibility
Repeatability you can depend on, time after time, for millions of times Production consistency and performance
Pre lubricated for life No lubrication - Maintenance free
Compact size & light weight (205 grams) Space saving, free up design constraints
Operational pressure range 0.02 MPa to 0.7 MPa Low air consumption
Holding forces as low as 0.25 N up to 8.6 N Protection for fragile components


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